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LA Times goes to bat for killer cops in Salinas

Salinas police pinned him down and broke his leg with a baton.Antoinette Ramirez writes: "My Poor Brother. He is mentally ill and the cops had no right to keep hitting him he was already on the floor. The cops have done this too many times. I see the cops in the ER walking around like they got hurt. Bull shit. He didn't hurt any of them cops. And to do that in front of my mom is so harsh.

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Mayday under siege in the Heartland, 2008

On 1May08 in Irving, Illinois, "Civil Disobedience" was redefined as a "Human Caused Hazard", and a simulated mosque was raided by 30 law enforcement agencies.

A Long Week For Homeland Security in Illinois

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Throughout the world, May 1st is celebrated as Labor Day, but in the US this year, May Day marked the beginning of a nationally coordinated exercise that joins the military with FEMA and civil authorities nationwide.

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Patriot Act Sunset Makes Little Difference.

At sunset, only the lighting is different.(INDYRADIO 1June15) Last week, the NSA began to shut down their mechanism for mass collection of phone data. The sunset of Patriot Act Section 215 that occured at midnight is only one possible reason. Sections 201 and 206 also expired at midnight, and have seen little public discussion. The original "Patriot Act" was cobbled together in a way that made analysis difficult from the start.

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