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Bombay shuts down for Thackeray funeral, critics arrested for Facebook post


(20nov12, INDYRADIO) 2 young Indian women are out on bail after being arrested for a post on Facebook. They questioned why Bombay was shut down for the funeral of Bal Thackeray, who is known for renaming the city "Mumbai". Activists who oppose the fascism of Thackeray refuse to use the new name, but it often results in trouble.

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KKK shamed in South Carolina

counter-protesters rip up confederate flag taken from KKK rally at SC statehouse(19jul15) THE FINAL STRAW broadcast a first-hand account of the KKK getting trounced in South Carolina on July 18th, only a week after Republican Governor Nikki Haley gladly signed an order to remove the confederate flag from statehouse grounds. The KKK held a rally to protest, and a variety of groups from across the political spectrum showed up to celebrate.

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