How police charity bit the dust in New Jersey

INDYRADIO (01mar16) Fund raising by the Fraternal Order of Police ended 6 years ago in Trenton, New Jersey. In case if anyone still wonders why, the text in this screenshot explains where 90% of the money went. The facts were not very different throughout the US, since, after all, the FOP is internationally networked. When I was harassed by police fund raisers in Illinois, I decided to look into their legitimacy and learned that 90% of the funds collected were consumed by the cost of fund raising itself. But I didn't fully understand the reason, since my focus was on the use of fund raising as a "tracking and sorting" process by the police, of their "friends" and "enemies". Let's set that aside and follow the money. In 2010, the mystery of how 90% of these charity proceeds were spent by fund raisers in Trenton, NJ somehow reached the Federal Trade Commission, the operation was shut down, and the police in Trenton no longer solicit for charities - which they had previously contracted to telemarketers who were forced to divest themselves of fraudulent profits. A choice excerpt is included in this screen grab from the report here -

But I still wonder if there were deeper connections between these particular contractors and the FOP, and why a similar pattern existed nationally.

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