Erin Brockovich battles Socal Gas leak

Erin Brockovich, seen here protesting the Socal Gas leak.

Socal Gas stores enough methane in their Aliso Canyon storage facility to supply all of Southern California for a full month, but for 3 months they've been releasing it directly into the air. During this time, California's greenhouse gas output has increased by 25%. On Tuesday, South Coast Air Quality Management District filed suit against SoCal and is asking $25 Million in damages from the company for creating a public nuisance by their negligence. action to protect the interests of life on this planet.

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132 residents of the affected Los Angeles neighborhood, Porter ranch were evacuted and thousands more have either moved or are relocating due to respriatory problems caused by additives to the gas. 2000 attended a community meeting last month led by Erin Brockovich , demanding action.

The Daily News reported:

“I feel compelled to be here and to help my neighbor,” she said. “I certainly understand your plight and that we all have so much in common.”

Brockovich brought an attorney from law firm Weitz & Luxenberg — where she works, a law firm spokeswoman said — a meteorologist and a water pollution expert who gave about an hour presentation and answered questions from residents.

Residents asked about health concerns and whether air filtration systems installed on their homes by the gas company would be effective.

More than 3,600 residents have left their homes or are in the process of relocation due to the odors emitted by a leaking gas well at the Aliso Canyon storage facility in the Santa Susana Mountains above Porter Ranch. Mercaptan, an additive to natural gas that smells like rotten eggs, has caused symptoms of nosebleeds, headaches, nausea, respiratory problems and stomach discomfort among residents.

Brockovich became a household word at the turn of the century when Julia Roberts portrayed her in a movie about her campaign against groundwater contamination by Pacific Gas and Electric in 1993, but the real brockovich is not frozen in time and the Socal leak is not her only project.

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